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Our mission: Find the right customer for your home. But there is a bit more to it. We will assist you to properly offer your property on the real estate market. We would like to invite you to the office or contact us for a virtual appointment or an appointment at your home, so that we can explain our unique professional approach.

As a seller, you must also take a number of costs into account when selling your home. We are happy to make a calculation for you so that you have a clear overview.

What are the costs?

+ commission from the broker

+ profit tax (if applicable)

+ tax withholding non-residents (if applicable)

+ energy certificate

+ Plusvalía

The plusvalía is the tax on the increase in value of the land. This is paid at the town hall. The plusvalía is calculated on the basis of 3 factors: the period of ownership, the location of the property and the taxable land price according to the cadastral data.

TIP: broker commission and other costs incurred for the sale can be deducted upon tax return.

Sales tips

In our explanation, we also discuss many useful sales tips to sell your home in the right way and at the right price.

Some first important tips:

+ Prepare your paperwork, collect the necessary documents for sale (request checklist from one of our employees)

+ Inmo Experience It! Let yourself be guided by experience: we are happy to share it!

+ A professional photo report is extremely important. Our house photographer is a sunshine in the house and it ‘clicks’ right away! It not only portrays your home, but also the atmosphere and the story of your home.

+ …………..

Call today for an appointment so that you also find out all useful tips and your house is immediately marketed correctly.


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