Invest without worry

Real estate is security

Investing in real estate pays off every year. It is not an investment that will yield you one year and not the other. The market value of real estate is improving year after year and the rental money is a nice extra every month. At the end of the ride, you usually always sell real estate with added value. If you want certainty, you should not hesitate: investing in real estate is the easiest way to high returns.


An investment in real estate literally gives you something tangible so that your savings do not have to wither in an account. Investors in second homes can go out and get away from that daily grind without spending a lot of money. With holiday real estate you can enjoy your hard-earned money.

Moreover, real estate can`t be stolen, not lost, not disappear through bankruptcy or corruption, in other words, tangible safe investment.

Hedging against inflation

A real estate investment has a better relationship with inflation than other investment funds. This means that when the prices of bricks increase, rents also evolve. This way you are always protected from profitable income.

Value creation

First, hard assets, such as a real estate investment, always have a certain value. Unlike stocks where all your money can suddenly disappear. Second, it can also increase in value especially in places with a huge future perspective. That is why Inmo Experience always looks ahead when choosing its projects. Take a look with one of our employees at the most promising projects in the region that will only increase in value in the future

Service cost

You have to take care of real estate and time and money creep in there. That is why it is useful to call on our specialized team at Inmo Experience, to relieve you for a small fee.

We offer all matters such as maintenance, rental, repairs, taxes, insurance, administration, all under one roof.

Benefits that Inmo Experience can offer you when investing

  • Carefree investment. Inmo Experience takes care of all the concerns regarding rental, contracts, maintenance and occupancy so that you can enjoy a nice return.
  • 20 years of experience. Our company is a family business that can rely on more than 20 years of experience, which means that we have exceptional know-how.
  • Guidance from A to Z. Inmo Experience takes responsibility from the purchase of the property to the exploitation of the property. That way it can guide the customer from A to Z.
  • Opportunity for smaller assets. Investing in real estate used to be only for the wealthy. However, Inmo Experience now also offers smaller assets the opportunity to invest in this success.
  • Cost calculation Our office offers a transparent investment / cost overview so that you will not be suffering from any surprise

Big projects

Inmo Experience is in contact with most banks, contractors, and providers of projects such as hotels, B & Bs, large plots for project construction, industrial properties. Check the offer with one of our employees, without obligation.

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