After sales

Strong together

After your purchase, we will assist you in all areas

First of all we take care of the connection of the utilities, then internet and television

From there you can choose which of our services you want to rely on, our colleague Sofia, your personal assistant, will speak to you and go with you where necessary.

Some examples

analysis of power consumption plus improvement
any additional gas connection
increase / decrease potential of electricity
installation of solar panels
health insurance and hopitalization insurance
assistance with doctor’s appointments or possible admission
import of car
purchase car
car inspection
registration town hall
supervision of minor renovations
recommendations from craftsmen such as painter, carpenter, pool maintenance, garden maintenance
advice and guidance in connection with alarm
administration and taxes
and much more

Sofia is always available for emergencies, such as blocking the lock, burglary, damage, last minute repairs, ….. in short, we help you at all times where necessary.

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